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Peter Marin

Northern Spirits Jazz Club, 727 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, California (CA)



Peter Marin sings the standards in the Great American Songbook with the verve and depth of a jazz singer who was good enough to begin working Los Angeles-area nightclubs professionally as a teen.  A protégé of the late, great Andy Williams, Marin was likewise schooled by the legendary Johnny Profit.

In short order, Marin’s natural talent burned as bright as any of the luminaries who wove their own musical spells in jazz clubs throughout the country during the golden age.  That’s the vibe and the sound that Peter Marin brought to his audiences – he was a hip young lion with a powerful set of pipes. 

And then one day, out of the blue, it all came crashing down.

Peter Marin’s trajectory was overtaken by a depression so sudden, deep, and vast he was rendered incapable of performing. His once bright star grew dim, and his life spiraled downward and out of control for more years than Marin would care to remember.

It was music that brought him back out of it.

“One day, someone said to me, go get yourself a Real Book (the title of a musician’s book of jazz standards) and get back to making music." He did. "It took me days to get to where I could perform a song that I'd done a thousand times before. But," he says, "I got a lot better."

He'd like for other people who find themselves in that same condition to know that there is hope. For Peter Marin, it was getting back to his jazz roots. The music may have saved his life.

"I found something I could put my energy into," he says, "and it gave me hope. I saw some dark times. Those days are over. I’m the happiest depressed guy you’ll ever meet.”

Listen to Peter Marin sing today, and you will hear a depth and a polish and a vision gained through empathy. He knows where to put each and every note for maximum emotion, and all because he was eventually tutored by that greatest teacher of them all:

Life, baby. 

 In the world of Jazz today it is so rare to hear a vocalist who has their own style and sound , I was amazed when hearing Mr. Peter Marin on his latest effort Overnight Success , with the backing of the Frank Unzueta Trio and Friends Mr. Marin has put the groove back when it comes original and true Jazz vocalist . All the jocks here at Jazz 88 love Mr. Marin's sounds and feel he has put a spark back in Americas true art form, in Mr. Marin he truly is an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS . -J.Otis Williams KSDS Radio Jazz 88.3 San Diego, CA. 


"Peter swings with the best of them! Check it out!" - Guy Eckstein, Owner/Producer at Iconique Music Group, Four-time Grammy winner


"Peter always brings his A-game! He's a true pro in every sense of the word. A great singer and storyteller... our patrons and our staff love Peter Marin." - Norm Murphy, Talent Buyer, Northern Spirits Jazz Club, San Marcos, CA