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Peter Marin

Northern Spirits Jazz Club, 727 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, California (CA)

Peter Marin thinks that the singing of jazz music has brought him back from the brink of wherever it was that his depression was taking him. “I got sick. I went from being able to run a million dollar show to not being able to add two numbers…I couldn't find my way home.” He says he's better now. He has coping mechanisms. “But I still get lost a lot.” He says he found it hard to agree with the diagnosis at the time. “I’m the happiest depressed guy you will ever meet.” As a teen in Los Angeles, Marin (he was born Peter Marino) was tutored by a couple of major pop stars: Johnny Prophet, and by the man he caddied for, Andy Williams. Marin himself began singing at the age of 15. “The first time I got handed a twenty dollar bill for singing, I was 11.” His first serious stage time was with Prophet. That connection came about because Marin was playing in a garage rock band with Prophet’s son. “I got paid in cases of Lancer’s wine. They’d put a case in the trunk of whoever’s car I arrived in, being that I was still underage.” He laughs. “You know, Lancer’s, that wine that came in a brown bottle?” But Marin, who as of 2013 lives in Point Loma with his teenage daughter, moved away from the live stage and on to show production and management. “I produced shows for a couple of decades, until ‘02. Licensing, contracts, events.” His called his debut CD Overnight Success. As a performer, Marin rarely strays from the Great American Songbook. “I’m a torch carrier. Why? Music from that era is so well written.” ” - Dave Good

— The San Diego Reader

Overnight Success", the title track of Peter Marin's first full lenght CD, says it all! This self-penned, tongue-in-cheek look at his life in the music business will bring a tap to your toe,a smile to your face, and encouragement to those with the blues from payin' their dues!!! Peter began singing professionally at an early age, and while in his teens, had the great fortune to be mentored by two fabulous singers; Johnny Profit and Andy Williams. The level of performance and professionalism they taught Peter has served him well, allowing him to have worked with top names in show business for more than 40 years. Jack Jones, Johnny Hartman, Lou Rawls and Frank Sinatra also heavily influenced Peter through their work and their generous spirits. With this in mind, Peter selected songs to pay tribute to them; to Jack Jones with "You've Changed/"Round Midnight", to Mr. Sinatra with "Dindi" and "Angel Eyes" To Lou Rawls with "Autumn Leaves", and to Johnny Hartman with "I'm Glad There Is You" and "The More I See You", who's versions of these songs are the standard, and to Mr. Profit and Williams in the title song. Peter's love and respect for the music is evident in every lyrical phrase of his fresh, honest and heart-felt delivery, making this collection of standards a must listen to! Joined by the genius of Frank Unzueta(p) and his trio, Larry Steen(b), Gordon Peeke(d), plus Evan Marks(g) Rocco Presutti(b) and Guy Eckstine(d), "Overnight Success" should be just,..." with more than 40 years of makin' music with the best" lets welcome this "Overnight Success"!  ”

CD Baby

The Paper Lyle Davis
A Heart on the Cappucino: A Note Sung with Love When I go to Washington DC twice a year it is my habit to go to the Illy Coffee place inside the Renaissance Hotel in DuPont Circle. I visit there daily while I am there. The coffee is wonderful but the best thing is that there is one particular person who just does an exceptional job on my cup of cappuccino. A little heart on the top of the foam makes it more tasty. Or so it seems. It's sometimes just that one indefinable thing that makes something taste better or look better or even...sound better. Like last night, for instance. I went to a great restaurant, Tuscany, in Carlsbad last evening to hear someone sing. His name is Peter Marin. He sings there once a month. That's him in the photo I took recently. I love the way he sings, I love his voice, the way he dresses, and his all around good heart--and that shows in his performance, believe it or not. Last night when I was riding home from the show I was thinking about what it is I like so much about the way he sings and performs but couldn't quite articulate it. Then this morning at church as I listened to the pipe organist play a magnificent version of Holy Holy Holy, it dawned on me: people who are good at and love what they do, do it so much better than people who are good at it and maybe just don't have the passion for it. This Peter Marin has a long history of singing and making music. He's a Jazz singer. Ask him about Frank Sinatra or Neil Sedaka or Ray Charles and then sit back and be prepared to feel like you know them too. And revere them. It's a gift he has. It's part of his heart that shows when he performs. And when you watch him sing--and this is what popped into my head today--when you watch him combine words and notes you can tell how much reverence he has for the work. He respects the song writer and the music. Really respects them. And it permeates his performance. I think if you gave someone a rare and valuable guitar or violin and got to watch them open it up, the emotion of that moment, their appreciation of the instrument's value is what I see and hear when Peter sings the music he loves. People who are lucky enough to do for a living what they would do for free--and probably have done for free-- are always worth paying extra attention to. Peter Marin is one of those people. Like the lady at Illy Coffee in DC, he's got that indefinable something. And I just wanted to say so with deep gratitude for a job sublimely done. ” - Chris Shea